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My heritage is from Bangladesh. I have spent most of my adult life living at sea and traveling port to port with my parents on cargo ships.  I have been labeled a "rebel" -because I broke away from tradition.  My fierce independence & outspokenness makes me an anomaly in the Bengali society.  I am a contemporary expressionistic artist with an extremely diverse work style, subject and media and yet I have tried to keep it all tied up with my perspective and personal touch. I use colors along with the blunt nudity of black & white strong lines - which are expressions of my personality.  I draw inspiration from life itself.  My work is a culmination of fantasy and reality through which I speak of social issues.  Recently I seem to be leaning more towards graphite and mixed media collage.

In the past I have worked with CARE,  Save The Children-USA and other non -profit organizations.  I used my art to promote literacy through visual aides focusing more on womens issues in developing countries. 

International Islamic Conference - Bangladesh
Women's Voluntary Association - Bangladesh
University of Houston - USA
Sugar Land Area Artists - USA (1995-2011)
Lone Star Art Guild - USA (1995-2011)
"Class of 1979 Charukala"-Cosmos Gallery, Bangladesh (June 2012)


USA, England, Norway, Greece, Turkey, UAE and Bangladesh
Currently residing & teaching in Sugar Land, Texas

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